This Teacher Collected Inappropriate Images For More Than 40 Years


Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.

I know the information I share is disturbing, and for that, I apologize. But these crimes do happen, and we can’t pretend otherwise. It is my hope, reading my research will better equip you to notice when something is ‘off’ at school. Thank you for caring about children and continuing to read my research.

BLOG POST #128: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving a teacher’s addiction to pornography.

Secret Life

He’d secretly collected thousands of inappropriate images of abused children for more than 40 years, some boys as young as 5, 6, or 7 years old.

This defendant received thousands of images portraying the sexual abuse of children,” said the U.S. Attorney in a press release.

His secret may have continued if it weren’t for a law enforcement agent who logged into a publicly available Internet file sharing program and downloaded images of child pornography from shared directories maintained by the teacher.

The FBI executed a search warrant at his residence. And he was arrested after admitting he had used the file sharing program to obtain and trade child pornography.

Was It Worth It?

He’d worked at the prestigious private, co-ed, prep school for high school students for 23 years, most recently as a theater and film teacher and also in community theaters around the region.

There were no photos of children he taught nor had he used school computers to access the file sharing sites he used. He cooperated with the FBI, accepted responsibility and appreciated the treatment program he’d been in since his arrest.

The former teacher waived his right to indictment and pleaded guilty to one count of receipt and distribution of child pornography.

The U.S. Attorney also said, “The fact that this heinous crime was committed by a teacher, whose profession is committed to the well-being of children, makes it especially disturbing.”

At age 65, the former teacher was sentenced to five years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release.

Worth mentioning: A joint study was conducted by a local newspaper and TV station in the (small) state where the former teacher lived. They found during 2011 – 2015, six or more teachers were arrested in the state each year for alleged sexual misconduct, with nine arrests in 2015. And before that time-frame, the average yearly total was four. Here’s the full report: Teacher Misconduct

If you do a basic math calculation using population and the numbers from the study, then apply those figures to the entire U.S., the results would indicate 542 teachers are arrested for sexual misconduct each year. Many variables would apply (socioeconomic, rural vs. urban, etc.). From my research, I knew there was a lot of bad behavior happening at schools, but this is staggering.

My Takeaway: Other than on the internet where you can often have screen names, this man hid his perversion from the world outside his home for more than 40 years. From all I read, he lived alone. He didn’t cross the line and take photos of his students or try to groom them. It’s a good thing he taught older children or his crimes may have been worse.

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