A Repeat Offender at the High School


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I don’t understand why a school district would knowingly hire a sexual predator…

BLOG POST #213: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving a high school teacher.

At the time she applied for and was hired by the school board, the teacher had a prior conviction on her record for having sexual indiscretions with a student while teaching in a different district. In that case, her nine-month sentenced was suspended. The court required her to pay fines and court costs. Based on court documents, her conviction two years previous to her application was known by the school board president when she was hired.

Soon after her hiring, the married teacher began soliciting male students and paid them to allow her to record herself having sex with them. She’d sign herself out during her prep period and take the boys to her home, which was across the street from the high school.

After her arrest, she pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and one count of sexual battery.

The judge sentenced her to 40 years in prison. Her first and second counts of rape gave her 15 years each to run concurrently. And ten years for the sexual battery count, which was suspended. At most, she’ll be in prison for 15 years.

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Source: U.S. Eastern District Court of Oklahoma, CBS Channel 5, People Magazine.

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