What is AFSOC? 

Robin has always had the utmost respect for law enforcement and the military. She knew she wanted her school marshal or “good guy” (a.k.a. protagonist) to be retired military.

Her son-in-law retired USAF after 20-years. He wasn’t a PJ, but because of his training with PJs and his experience in the Air Force, he provides invaluable insider knowledge.

Robin’s intention is to portray her protagonist’s career and experiences as believably as possible within the scope of a fictional story.

The Air Force Special Operations Command or AFSOC are an elite command also known as PJs, short for Pararescue Jumpers or Pararescuemen.

In part, on the U.S. Air Force website Pararescuemen or PJs are described as: 

The only Department of Defense specialty specifically trained and equipped to conduct conventional or unconventional rescue and recovery operations. PJs are the force of choice for assisted survivor recovery.

A pararescueman’s primary function is as a Personnel Recovery Specialist, with emergency medical capabilities in humanitarian and combat environments. They deploy in any available manner, to include air-land-sea tactics, into restricted environments to authenticate, extract, treat, stabilize and evacuate injured personnel, while acting in an enemy-evading, recovery role.

AFSOC Vision: Air Commandos, highly trained, capable and ready to conduct special operations…Anytime…Anyplace

AFSOC Mission: Organize, train and equip Airmen to execute global special operations…We are America’s Air Commandos

AFSOC Priorities: 

Provide combat ready forces.

Create an environment for our Airmen and families to thrive.

Transform training to optimize human performance.

Modernize and sustain the force. 

You can read more about the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command here: http://www.afsoc.af.mil/Home.aspx


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