Mystery/Thriller stories based on

disturbing reality. 

Stories full of tension, shock, and a military veteran who returns home after twenty years to a new mission – protect the people in his hometown – Brookfield, California.



(School Marshal Novels Book 3)


There’s a Hit List found at Blackstone Academy. Someone at the school died trying to alert Mac about the threat. The name at the top of the list – Mac. Who created the list? And is the threat credible? Mac needs answers and fast.



(School Marshal Novels Book 2)

JULY 2018

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“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – William Shakespeare

A teenage girl arrives home—bloody and semi-conscious—from a neighborhood party at the home of the most prominent and affluent attorney in Brookfield.

The girl’s father calls on ex-military, hometown hero, Mac MacKenna, to investigate. One catch—No police until he’s found solid evidence.

As Mac builds his suspect list based on who else attended the party he learns parties at the attorney’s home aren’t so innocent.

The more Mac digs, the less he likes what teenagers do in their free time. He learns rich kids get away with more than their lower-class peers.

If you like fast-paced suspenseful stories with wealthy, powerful people, murder and small town gossip you’ll enjoy Unknown Alliance.

Follow Mac as he checks names off the suspect list until there’s only one name left.


MAC: A Prequel Novella

JULY 2017

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“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Close your eyes and remember when you were a high school senior. Playing sports, hanging out with friends, dances and maybe—if you were lucky—dating. Life was relaxed and carefree, right? Not for young Mac MacKenna.

His father is an alcoholic. His mother is an enabler. His sister is a moody nursing school attendee who, like Mac, hopes to move away from home as soon as possible.

Before Mac can escape his parents’ home, he goes head-to-head with his father in an attempt to make life better for his mother and grandfather.

As high school graduation day and freedom are within reach tragedy strikes Mac’s family. There’s only one person to blame for the unthinkable crime—his father—Mac vows to get to the truth.


(School Marshal Novels Book 1)


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An unsavory underworld of crime has crept into Blackstone Academy and the sleepy town of Brookfield. And someone inside the school is involved.

Brookfield’s police chief wants recently retired air force special ops and unemployed, hometown hero, Mac MacKenna to pose as a school marshal and investigate.

Soon enough, Mac’s former life of loaded weapons and death-defying rescues has been replaced with tangled webs of deceit, twisted wealthy and powerful people, murder, and small town gossip.

Unfortunately for Mac, meddling with the rich can have deadly consequences.

If you like fast-paced suspenseful mystery/thrillers—you’ll enjoy Unknown Threat.



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