Don’t Accept Candy From A Bully


Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events can be upsetting.

Robin Lyons' Blog Post #107When researching cases, I often reflect on situations my adult children experienced when they were in school and what my grandchildren see nowadays. Sadly, they’ve all crossed paths with a bully.

When it comes to bullying, there are too many cases. Parents are in denial. Schools are overworked and underfunded. Law enforcement has bigger fish to fry.

I’m certain if I asked each of you reading this post to share a bully incident; you’d ALL have a story to tell.

Thank you for reading and for caring about children.

BLOG POST #99: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific criminal case involving two middle school bullies.

Students bullying students begins as early as kindergarten

Kids who bully, start school as bullies, they gain intensity and momentum as they progress through the grades.

We’ve all heard and understand the act of bullying is more about the bully than the victim. It’s about the bully’s low self-esteem, low self-worth, or it’s learned from their dysfunctional home life. That fact doesn’t make it any easier for the victim.

Some schools do bully awareness training for students. I’m all for it! I’ve seen role play training teach students how to respond to bullying. When a victim challenges a bully, the bully typically moves on to bully someone else. Training helps kids learn how to stand up to bullies.

Middle School Sports: Who’s Watching the Spectators?

The middle school girls’ basketball team was warming up for their game. Kids like to hang out after school with friends. A sporting event provides the perfect excuse to hang out.

On this day, at this middle school, one of the students hanging out had mental disabilities. His ‘friends’ knew he was an easy mark.

A Bully Offering A Gift Is Bad News

The two bullies wiped a urinal with a candy Push Pop. Then they gave it to the boy with disabilities and encouraged him to lick it, which he did. After he had licked the candy, they told him what they had done with it.

Security cameras recorded the incident. The bullies also punched and kicked the boy. All three boys were 14 at the time.

“I think what hurts me more than anything is they did it in front of 30 of his peers and that nobody felt the need to go and tell somebody,” said the victim’s mother.

Law enforcement filed misdemeanor charges of assault and violating the Safe Schools Act against the two bullies.

Safe School Act Full Text

The defense attorney said regarding her clients’ actions, “I would categorize this incident as an incident of youthful indiscretion…. I hate to use the phrase ‘kids will be kids,’ but I think that is what happened in this instance.”

With security video evidence, the boys admitted in court to the two charges.

Two Peas In A Pod

This incident happened in early spring. The school suspended both boys for the remainder of the school year.

The judge disagreed with the boys’ attorney. He said, “You’re supposed to be on your best behavior in school. So if this is an example of your best behavior, I wonder what your worst behavior is.”

Both boys received the same sentence. And both will be under court supervision in addition to:

  1. No contact with the victim.
  2. Serve 25 hours of community service helping people with special needs.
  3. Write apology letters to the victim and school.
  4. Participate and cooperate in counseling.
  5. Pay court costs of just over $100.00.

If either boy fails to comply or is in trouble with the law again, they will serve five days in a juvenile detention center.

What do you think about this case? Join the conversation on the website. We talk about the sensitive subject of crimes occurring at or connected to schools. Your relevant comments are always welcome on the Research Blog.

Do you know of a school crime you’d like to share? Email me so we can discuss the details.

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