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To Blog or Not to Blog – An Author’s Conundrum

You’ve written your first book or your tenth book, the amount doesn’t matter—how do you get your book in the hands of readers? Book signings? Pitch to local bookstores? Libraries? Social media? Advertising on social media or on Amazon?

If you’re counting on social media, you could be banned in an instant. Recently, you may have heard on the news several prominent users with millions of followers were banned from Facebook and Instagram…

You can read the full post here:  Word Refining


Here’s an excerpt from Robin’s chat with Lisette Brodey on her Writers’ Chateau:

Is your recent book part of a series?

The most recently published book is Mac, a prequel novella in the School Marshal Series. Mac takes the reader back in time, providing a glimpse of the main character’s roots (Cole ‘Mac’ MacKenna) and helps readers better understand the leading man in the series.

What are the special challenges in writing a series?

It’s important to keep the characters’ information and stories straight as they move from book to book. Equally important is keeping the places and settings consistent. In case I need to refresh my memory about someone or something, I keep a few books open and readily accessible while I’m working on a new book.

You can read the full chat here: Writer’s Chateau


Here’s an excerpt from Robin’s interview with Silver Beans Café the Ultimate Book Club:

Hi Jacks here! Today SBC welcomes the extremely talented and wonderfully warm Mystery and Thriller author Robin Lyons!


Mystery/Thriller. My writing fits somewhere between a Janet Evanovich mystery and a Stephen King thriller.

When I began writing, I floundered a bit deciding what genre and storyline worked best for me. Mystery/Thriller is what I read, so I went with writing what I’d like to read.

When did you say, I JUST HAVE TO WRITE?

I’ve dreamed of writing books for more than twenty years. I didn’t get serious about writing fiction until 2010, after I retired.


I worked in public education for twenty-nine years. It was a great career, but schools do have issues, crime and violence.

You can read the full interview here: Silver Beans



Here’s an excerpt from Robin’s interview with Lorna Suzuki’s, All Kinds of Writing:

If it’s an action packed thriller you’re looking to read to help pass these chilly winter nights, then you’ll want to meet Robin Lyons, author of Unknown Threat, book 1 of the School Marshall series!

I’d like to begin by having you share a little information about yourself with our readers, Robin. What do you enjoy doing when you are notwriting?

RL: Hello, Lorna. Thank you for choosing to showcase my novel. I’m obsessed. If not physically writing, then I’m thinking about how this chapter will go, or what that character will do. I spend a lot of time learning how to be a better writer and authorpreneur; you could call it homework since my books are about schools. When I do step away from books and my computer, I enjoy spending time with my family, yoga, movies, reading for pleasure, and my husband and I like to travel as well. 

You’ve retired from the educational institution not too long ago. Did this magically coincide with time to finally write this novel, or has writing stories always been a part of your life?

You can read the full interview here: All Kinds of Writing


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