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Posts about real school tragedy, crime, and/or events can be upsetting.

Robin Lyons BlogIf you have children in school, I’m sure you’ll feel the same as I do about this case—thankful one more teacher who shouldn’t have been one in the first place is removed from the classroom.

BLOG POST #208: This week, I’m sharing research on a specific crime involving a kindergarten teacher.

She’d been an elementary teacher for eight years when her ex-boyfriend was investigated for sexual battery against a child—his four-year-old daughter. His wife notified the authorities when their daughter told her what he’d done to her private parts.

A forensic examination of his electronic devices found two-year-old videos sent to him from his ex-girlfriend, the teacher.

The teacher’s videos showed her sexually abusing her preschool children. One video was made in her classroom with students present where she recorded her exposed genital area under her skirt.

The authorities arrested her, and the school district terminated her employment. After some time in jail, she accepted a plea agreement. She pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor.

The judge sentenced her to 22 years in federal prison, followed by 10 years of supervised release.

Worth Mentioning: The ex-boyfriend (married at the time of their relationship) was arrested, he pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison. Because his wife had received child porn from her husband she was also arrested. She pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor, and was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

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Source: Heavy – Five Facts, Spectrum News 13, WILX 10 NBC

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