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A Broken Heart

When you realize the man you’re seeing—a.k.a. your boss—is not a good match for you and you move on, you'd probably never think your new girlfriend or boyfriend would be in danger. I'm sure the woman in this case didn't either.

After a former employee ended her sexual relationship with her boss, jealousy fueled his subsequent actions. He asked his business partner, who he thought had been a member of a ‘motorcycle gang’ to hire someone to murder the woman’s new boyfriend.

The scorned lover wanted the new boyfriend dead and the ex-girlfriend to be ‘thumped around’ a little.

The business partner contacted the FBI about the murder-for-hire plot and cooperated with the investigation. The FBI had audio recordings between the two business partners where the scorned lover mapped out the plan.

The two business partners lived in different states, when they met outside the home state of the man seeking revenge to exchange the payoff money the crime shifted to federal jurisdiction. On behalf of the FBI, local authorities arrested the man on a murder-for-hire charge that crossed interstate commerce.

Seven months after his arrest, he pleaded guilty to the charge. One year and seven months after his arrest, a federal judge sentenced him to more than seven years in prison. He additionally had to pay a fine of $30,000. Without the possibility of an early parole, he’ll be in his late 70s when he’s released from prison.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, The Wichita Eagle

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