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Dishonor to the Badge

At 23-years-old, the man in this true crime began working as a law enforcement officer and early in his career he worked as a resource officer at schools. After 20-years-of-service, he abruptly left law enforcement.


While an active law enforcement officer, he preyed on women who sat in parked cars near city parks. He’d shine a flashlight in the driver’s face and tell her to get out of the vehicle—if there was a passenger, he told them to stay in the vehicle.


Once he had the female victim, typically under 28 and typically in the wee hours of the morning, at the rear of their car, he’d sexually violate them. He often wore a mask.


To add to the level of disgusting, when he was in the office, he’d look up the sexual assault case information even though he hadn’t been part of the case other than the perpetrator. He apparently got off on reading about his crime or wanted to be a step ahead if they were on to him.


Shortly before his sudden resignation, the police department named a new police chief. When he left his job as a police officer, nobody knew they’d soon arrest him for appalling crimes that happened while he was on the force.


The new police chief put out a press statement that he’d made the sex crimes his priority. After that announcement came the resignation. But then, the sexual deviate had to change his mode of operation (MO or modus operandi) so he started peeping.


As a private citizen, homeowners caught the former cop on home security peeping through windows and over fences. He wasn’t casing the homes to rob them. He was checking out the women.


Officers responded to a prowler incident and saw the ex-officer (who fit the description) riding a bicycle near the location. They questioned him.


After he admitted to peeping, they arrested him. During the interview about peering through windows, he confessed to the sexual crimes during a six-year period while on the force—against 10 women.


The new police chief said,


“I am appalled and disgusted that somebody who is a suspect in these types of crimes and this type of behavior ever wore the uniform and this badge that I am honored to pin on my chest every day.”


Before a trial date, the ex-officer pleaded guilty to 12 felony sex crimes and five breaches of privacy crimes. A judge sentenced him to over 23 years in prison, followed with probation and register as a sex offender.


Victims spoke at the sentencing. One woman said,


“It’s hard to even feel safe in a room full of officers.”


Source: Hutchinson Police Department, AP News, NBC News, New York Post

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