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Electronics Scheme

Poor Walmart. I see so many cases of fraud and theft against Walmart, it’s surprising they can get insurance. Here’s yet another attempt to get rich quick defrauding Walmart.

A ring of seven executed what they must’ve thought was a lucrative plan. Steal expensive electronics from Walmart—internet routers, Apple products, iRobot vacuums, etc. Then go back and purchase the same product. They’d produce a receipt to match the authentic receipt, then return both items for a double refund.

The U.S. District Judge, who proceeding at a sentencing hearing, said,

“Stealing money without violence is still theft, it’s still serious, and it’s still something that people need to be accountable for.”

They may not have used violence, but they traumatized Walmart employees by snatching the key out of the hands of the employees opening the locked electronic cases for the customer. The thugs also stole employee’s name tags and store radios.

The crew of seven stole over $275,000 through the fraudulent electronic scheme. Gradually, their cases made it through the court system. Sentenced at different times, judges issued the following sentences to federal prison where there is no early release:

31-year-old, 12 years

22-year-old, 3+ years

24-year-old, 2+ years

23-year-old, 2+ years

21-year-old, 2+ years

23-year-old, 2 years

22-year-old, 1+ year

A U.S. Attorney associated with the case said,

“My office is committed to intercepting and incapacitating fraudsters who threaten the integrity and safety of our communities and effectively raise the cost of goods for all consumers.”

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

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