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Incensed Ex

The divorce was final. In the settlement, the wife’s attorney successfully won for her:

· Half of the ex-husband’s retirement

· Over $135,000 (payable within 90 days)

· $500 per month alimony

· Pay her attorney’s fees $28,000+ (within 30 days)

The attorney took legal action against the ex-husband for not paying on time. The ex-husband was due back in court the next week, but he didn’t wait for the new court date to settle his dispute. He loaded his vehicle with gas cans, loaded his revolver, and paid the attorney a visit.

It wasn’t long before the local authorities and fire personnel responded to a structure fire at the attorney’s office. Bystanders told the police a suspicious-looking man had been in the area. Officers detained the man and later arrest him.

He had gas cans in his vehicle. The weapon used in the crime was still on him, and the fire had burned his skin, singed his hair and eyebrows.

The man couldn’t flee in his vehicle because he’d lost his keys. Fire personnel found his car keys on the floor of the burned building next to the gunshot victim.

He pleaded guilty to:

· Malice murder

· Felony murder

· Aggravated assault

· Burglary

· Arson

· Possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony

· Criminal attempt to conceal a death

· Tampering with evidence.

A judge sentenced the 65-year-old man to life in prison.

Source: Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office, Law & Crime, KENS5

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