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Repeat Offender

When a 30-year-old career criminal failed to make car payments on his Honda Accord, the title holder dispatched a team to repossess the vehicle. Not knowing what they stepped into, the team arrived to hook-up the car. The ‘owner’ drove away in the Honda before they could take possession of it. In fact, the driver veered the vehicle toward the team, nearly hitting them. After he passed the team, he stopped and shot at them from the car. Thankfully, they weren’t hit.

An FBI Special Agent associated with the case said,

“Career criminals who carry guns are a threat to the safety of our neighborhoods.”

A police officer saw the vehicle and attempted to pull the driver over. He fled at a high rate of speed and eventually ditched the car near an apartment complex. The police found drugs in the car and the tossed gun confirmed to have been used to shoot at the repo team.

With a prior felony for hit and run and drug possession on his record, the investigators easily found the man who, in violation of his parole, had in his apartment a loaded weapon with an extended magazine, and a laser sight. They also found in his apartment’s toilet his broken cell phone.

Rather than go to trial, the man pled guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. A judge sentenced him to ten years in federal prison, where there is no early release. #careercriminal #repeatoffender

Source: US District Court, US Department of Justice

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