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This true-crime spotlights a woman in her late 60s who had worked for a non-profit, child development services organization for over 30 years. Her primary responsibility was financial operations—she spent her last eight years busily embezzling from the organization.

A new employee noticed some red flags in the finance department. An internal investigation began. Then the organization shared their findings with the authorities.

The non-profit ended the woman’s employment with them, and the authorities arrested her. She pleaded guilty to theft of federal funds. She’d opened a bank account in the name of the non-profit and funneled money from the business to the fraudulent account, then to her personal and business accounts. In eight years, she’d stolen over $4.7 million from the non-profit organization.

To begin to reimburse the non-profit, part of the plea deal required her to forfeit the proceeds from the sale of three homes, the sale of six airplanes and two vehicles.

A spokesperson from the United States Attorney’s Office said,

“It doesn’t get much worse than stealing from children.”

In federal court, a judge sentenced her to seven years in prison. Upon her release, she’ll be 75 years old and penniless. #truecrime #untrustworthy #embezzlement

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, The Hearld-Dispatch

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1 Comment

Jan 29, 2022

The Fed is right, not much worse than stealing from children.

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