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Robin Lyons, Author website postWhile schools have been closed due to COVID-19, state and federal judicial systems are continuing to deliver sentences for crimes related to schools.

BLOG POST #231: This week, I’m sharing research on a true-crime involving a bored teenager.

Small towns make restless teenagers, especially in the summer, when schools aren’t in session. I get it—I was a bored teen growing up in a small, rural town. But destructive acts are not the answer.

Male body parts, racial slurs, swastikas, ‘88’ (a Hitler reference), and obscene comments about a woman were painted on local schools. The racial slurs bumped the misdemeanor crimes to hate crimes—felonies.

This 18-year-old was racking up a list of bad decisions; two auto thefts, vandalizing mailboxes (while joyriding in the stolen vehicles), damage to the stolen cars, add to those the graffiti.

The local authorities received a tip that the teen had recorded him in one of the stolen vehicles and posted it on Snapchat. After looking deeper into his online presence, the investigators were able to connect him to the graffiti.

His defense, or maybe it could be considered his rationale for his actions, was living in his small town is so boring. Teenagers have nothing to do, so he and some friends decided to have some fun.

Last month, which was nine months after painting the schools and one month before his trial on the vandalism charges, he pleaded guilty to eight counts. The judge sentenced him to nine months in jail, 20 hours of community service, and two years of probation.

Last week, I shared my experience touring my county jail. I’d bet the teenager, in this case, will be a lot more bored in jail than he ever was hanging out in his small town. Here’s a link if you missed the post on the Jail Tour.

What are your thoughts about this case? Join the conversation on the website. We talk about the sensitive subject of crimes occurring at or connected to schools.

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Thanks for reading! Sending you and your loved ones wellness wishes.


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