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Posts about real school tragedy, crime and/or events

can be upsetting.

I’m still deeply saddened by the school massacre that happened in Florida recently. My heart aches for the families and friends who lost a loved one.

Typically, I share case research after the sentencing phase has concluded. However, in this post, I chose to share some recent news that is both disturbing and praiseworthy.

BLOG POST #140: This week, I’m sharing information on specific criminal cases involving foiled school shooting plots.

As I write this post, it’s been eight days since the deadly assault in Florida. In that eight-day window, I was able to quickly find four school shooting plots that were derailed by brave people.

Hours after the 2018 school shooting at

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida

The two teens met at a treatment facility for troubled youths and remained friends even though they lived states apart.

After one friend messaged the other about the school shooting in Florida, she was taken aback by her friend’s response. He said it was fantastic. And he continued to make comments that concerned the girl. She told her school resource officer about the disturbing exchange.

The school resource officer contacted local authorities in the friend’s state, and the police sent someone to the boy’s home. The boy admitted to planning a school shooting. A search of his car found a recently purchased shotgun, ammunition, a gas mask, video recorder, detailed journal titled “The Journal Of An Active Shooter,” and books about the Columbine shooting.

He’s been arrested in Vermont.

Two days after the 2018 school shooting at

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida

Some schools see the benefit of employing school resource officers. (It’s disappointing that all schools don’t employ school safety personnel.)

The school resource officer at a high school made his rounds after lunch and overheard a student say, “I guarantee you the school will be shot up in three weeks.”

When confronted, the teen with an extensive disciplinary record said he didn’t mean what he’d said.

Local authorities were notified. A search of the teens home found two semi-automatic handguns and 90 high capacity magazines. The weapons belonged to the older brother who was detained because one of the weapons was not registered.

Criminal charges for the brothers may be forthcoming in California.

Five days after the 2018 school shooting at

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida

State police received multiple calls from concerned parents regarding two separate threats. In one case, children had received Snap Chat postings about an imminent threat and were advised not to go to school the next day. In the other threat, the teen planned to carry out the shooting during the graduation ceremony.

One student was detained and may face felony charges. The other student was arrested and charged with making terrorist type threats. Both in Pennsylvania.

Many More Threats

Most school threats don’t make the nation news, sometimes not even the local news.

A case in point is the message my daughter received from my granddaughter’s middle school seven days after the 2018 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. The school informed parents a student had made threatening comments. The threat was and continues to be investigated in Missouri.

What do you think about school shooting threats and how they’re handled? Join the conversation on the website. We talk about the sensitive subject of crimes occurring at or connected to schools. Your relevant comments are always welcome on the Research Blog.

Do you know of a school crime you’d like to share? Email me so we can discuss the details.

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