Mystery/Thriller stories based on

disturbing reality. 

Stories full of tension, shock, and a military veteran on a mission to protect the children at Blackstone Academy.



(School Marshal Novels Book 3)


There’s a Hit List found at Blackstone Academy. Someone at the school died trying to alert Mac about the threat. The name at the top of the list – Mac. Who created the list? Is the threat credible? Mac needs answers and fast.



(School Marshal Novels Book 2)

Unknown Alliance is available at Amazon

Imagine your 14-year-old daughter goes to a neighborhood party and returns bloody and semi-conscious.

That’s what happened to Brandi Welch and her father wants justice.

The party was at the home of the most prominent attorney in Brookfield. Brandi’s father will do what it takes to get justice. One catch—he won’t go to the police until he has evidence to prove guilt.

Because Mac MacKenna, Blackstone Academy’s School Marshal, has a good-guy reputation and sees the kids daily, Scott Welch, Brandi’s father, asks Mac to help him identify the assailant.

After an exciting 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force Special Operations unit known as Pararescue, Mac retired and returned to his hometown of Brookfield. Pararescuemen specialize in unconventional rescue and recovery in both humanitarian and combat situations. They’re deployed to extract, medically treat and stabilize injured soldiers. A combat search and rescue squad.

Blackstone Academy is a public school in an affluent neighborhood. To keep the school exclusive for their children, parents make generous annual donations.

Mac doesn’t want to get involved with Scott but can’t say no to the distraught father. Mac’s not married and doesn’t have children, but he’d also seek justice if the same thing happened to one of his nieces.

Follow Mac as he checks names off the suspect list until there’s only one name left.



(School Marshal Novels Book 1)

Unknown Threat is available at Amazon

Someone is targeting school children.

After 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, mostly special operations, Mac MacKenna is a man in transition. Upon returning to his hometown, he receives a call…the police chief wants him to pose as the school marshal at Blackstone Academy. His assignmentidentify the culprit before children die.

Soon enough, his former life of loaded weapons and death-defying rescues has been replaced by arrogant parents, self-serving politicians, and questionable employees.

Unfortunately for Mac, meddling with the rich can have deadly consequences.


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This fast-paced story steps back in time to reveal the agonizingly troubled youth of ‘Mac’ MacKenna before he joined the U.S. Air Force Special Operations and before he became the School Marshal at Blackstone Academy.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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