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Sergeant Mac MacKenna retires after 20 years as a pararescueman in an elite special ops unit in the U.S. Air Force and returns to his hometown. Aiding others at all costs is what the air force trained Mac to do—it’s all he’s known for his entire adult life.

He admittedly knows nothing about children or school other than he remembers being one and attended as a kid.

When the police chief asks Mac to pose as a marshal at Brookfield Academy to rid the school of crime—he accepts the mission. Soon enough, Mac’s former life of loaded weapons and death-defying rescues is replaced with tangled webs of deceit, twisted wealthy and powerful people, murder, and a dangerous den of corruption disguised as a prestigious academy.

Unfortunately for Mac, meddling with the rich can have deadly consequences.

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There’s a storm headed for Brookfield—it has more to do with a father’s rage than it does the weather. After someone assaults a teenage girl at a neighborhood party, the victim’s desperate father asks Mac MacKenna for help. There’s a catch—no police.

After eight deployments to the middle east and 20 years in an elite special ops unit in the U.S. Air Force, Sergeant Mac MacKenna returned to his hometown to live a quiet life—until the police chief asked him to pose as a marshal at Brookfield Academy where crime outranks grade point averages.

Mac doesn’t know the victim, and he’s never met her father, but the air force trained him to aid others at all costs and keep his missions secret.

Unknown Alliance
Marshal Novel Book #2

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Mac MacKenna, retired USAF Pararescue expected students and staff to return to Blackstone Academy after spring break, relaxed and ready to ride out the end of the school year. He didn’t expect to find an honor student dead on the campus.

After the police link another death to the academy, the police chief calls on Mac to assist in the investigation.

The school board thought Mac had taken care of the criminal activity at the school, but now, with a suspicious death on the campus, the parents demand answers from the school board members who demand answers from the interim superintendent who demands answers from Mac.

Who would murder presumably innocent children for no apparent reason? It’s up to Mac and the Brookfield PD to take down a killer before someone else dies.

Evil wears many faces.

Unknown Event
Marshal Novel Book #3

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Close your eyes and remember when you were a high school senior. Playing sports, hanging out with friends, dances and maybe—if you were lucky—dating. Life was relaxed and carefree, right? Not for young Mac MacKenna.

His father is an alcoholic. His mother is an enabler. His sister is a moody nursing school attendee who, like Mac, hopes to move away from home as soon as possible.

Before Mac can escape his parents’ home, he goes head-to-head with his father in an attempt to make life better for his mother and grandfather.

As high school graduation day and freedom are within reach tragedy strikes Mac’s family. There’s only one person to blame for the unthinkable crime—his father—Mac vows to get to the truth.

Only available to reader club members.

MAC: A Prequel Novela
A Marshal Series Mystery/Thriller

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There’s a killer in Brookfield. After a young boy finds a retired law enforcement officer dead, everyone in the community of Brookfield is on high-alert. They soon learn the surrounding forest—home to giant sequoias, lodgepole pines, and many other trees—is also hosting a killer. The killer isn’t poaching mule deer or black bear. He’s hunting people—specific people.

Join USAF Veteran Mac MacKenna and his good friend, ex-FBI agent Nico Stark, as they assist the Brookfield Police Department to solve the heartless murders they didn’t see coming.

They need to find a connection between the victims. Not knowing if there’s another target, time is of the essence. But with no leads, no evidence, and no witnesses, they have to depend on old-fashioned police work.

Before the investigation produces a viable lead, Mac’s personal life spins out of control. His sister, Maggie, is missing. Is he the connection to the killings? Will they murder Maggie next? Mac will do whatever it takes to find her… alive.

Unknown Revenge
Marshal Novel Book #4

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