A teenage girl arrives home, semi-conscious, from a neighborhood party at the home of the most prominent and affluent attorney in Brookfield.

The girl’s father calls on ex-military, hometown hero, Mac MacKenna, to investigate. One catch—No police.

As Mac builds his suspect list based on who else attended the party he learns parties at the attorney’s home aren’t so innocent.

The more Mac digs, the less he likes what teenagers do in their free time. He learns rich kids get away with more than their lower-class peers.

If you like fast-paced suspenseful stories with wealthy, powerful people, murder and small town gossip you’ll enjoy Unknown Alliance.

One-by-one Mac’s suspect list gets smaller until there’s only one name left.

Unknown Alliance
Marshal Novel Book #2

Unknown Alliance

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

– William Shakespeare 

"I read the first book and  loved it!...The plotting was very good, I was completely off track as to who the baddie was."

M. Schultz