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There’s a killer in Brookfield. After a young boy finds a retired law enforcement officer dead, everyone in the community of Brookfield is on high-alert. They soon learn the surrounding forest—home to giant sequoias, lodgepole pines, and many other trees—is also hosting a killer. The killer isn’t poaching mule deer or black bear. He’s hunting people—specific people.

Join USAF Veteran Mac MacKenna and his good friend, ex-FBI agent Nico Stark, as they assist the Brookfield Police Department to solve the heartless murders they didn’t see coming.

They need to find a connection between the victims. Not knowing if there’s another target, time is of the essence. But with no leads, no evidence, and no witnesses, they have to depend on old-fashioned police work.

Before the investigation produces a viable lead, Mac’s personal life spins out of control. His sister, Maggie, is missing. Is he the connection to the killings? Will they murder Maggie next? Mac will do whatever it takes to find her… alive.

Unknown Revenge
Marshal Novel Book #4

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"Beware the fury of a patient man." -John Dryden 

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