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The famous quote, “Beware the fury of a patient man,” by John Dryden, could be a summation of Unknown Revenge.

There’s a killer in Brookfield. After a young boy finds a retired law enforcement officer dead, everyone in the community of Brookfield is on high-alert. They soon learn the surrounding forest—home to giant sequoias, lodgepole pines, and many other trees—is also hosting a killer. The killer isn’t poaching mule deer or black bear. He’s hunting people—specific people.

Join USAF Veteran, Mac MacKenna and his good friend, ex-FBI agent, Nico Stark, as they assist the Brookfield Police Department to solve the heartless murders they didn’t see coming.

They need to find a connection between the victims. Not knowing if there’s another target, time is of the essence. But with no leads, no evidence, and no witnesses, they have to depend on old-fashioned police work.

Unknown Revenge
Marshal Novel Book #4

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"Beware the fury of a patient man." -John Dryden 

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