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Beware of the Manny

There are a few big city areas where the price of a nanny is high—Southern California is that type of place. But, as with anywhere, you have to be extra cautious when you hire someone to care for your children. The ‘Manny’ is this true crime is a prime example.


He created an online persona that helped sell himself as ‘the’ babysitter, ‘the’ big brother, ‘the’ role model, ‘the’ mentor, and ‘the’ friend for your child. His website even offered overnight and vacation babysitting. After five years working as a manny, to the police he was a master manipulator.


His child sexual abuse might have continued had it not been for one brave eight-year-old boy who went against the instruction from the manny to not tell his parents, he told his parents the babysitter had touched him inappropriately. The boy’s parents were concerned for their son’s safety and other possible victims—they went to the police.


The local authorities opened an investigation. Two weeks later, they had two victims. By the time the case went to trial, they had identified 16 victims between the ages of 2 to 12 years old.


Whatever horrific sexual abuse you’ve read or heard about being done to children—his abuse was that bad.


A District Attorney associated with this case said,


“These children will never know the people they were truly intended to be – because their childhoods were suddenly and inexplicably interrupted not by a wolf at the door, but by a predator masquerading as godsend.”


He also said,


“Children are not born knowing how to lie, but this master manipulator taught these very young children to lie–and to keep secrets from their own parents.”


A jury found the 34-year-old man guilty of 34 felonies and sentenced him to over 707 years to life, served concurrently. After serving only ten years, his first parole hearing will be in May 2034.


At his sentencing, rather than apologizing for harming the children, he said,


“I prided myself on bringing smiles to your children, and all the good times we shared were 100 percent genuine.”


The parents were rightfully upset by his cruel statement.


Source: Orange County District Attorney, Law & Crime, People, KTLA 5

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