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No Random Act

Unless you live in the community where this crime occurred, it’s doubtful your local news covered it. Although the crime was indeed terrible, on a sensational scale, possibly because everyone survived—it was just another violent act.

His wife picked him up at the airport. When they arrived home, she instructed him to sit in a specific seat in the garage, then she went inside to get him a cup of coffee. I imagine their garage was more for hanging out and less for parking vehicles.

While she was inside, a man who’d been hiding in the back of the garage behind the husband attacked him with a knife—stabbing him in the chest, neck, and back. The husband survived his injuries.

This was no random act of violence. The wife made promises to a young man and his wife that once her husband was dead, she’d give them her husband’s stuff. She also promised that they and their child could move into the house with her.

The wife provided information to the young man about when her husband would be home. Reportedly, she told the young man that her husband had been abusing her and that’s why she wanted him to die.

The assailant suffered a cut in the attack and went to the hospital where the police found him. He admitted to what he’d done and told the authorities the wife had come up with the murder-for-hire plan.

Rather than risk going to trial, the 21-year-old attacker pleaded guilty to 1st degree attempted murder. A judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

The victim’s 51-year-old wife pleaded guilty to 1st degree aiding and abetting attempted murder. A judge sentenced her to 15 years in prison.

For her role in the attack, the attacker’s 26-year-old wife pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting 1st degree murder assault. A judge sentenced her to three years in prison.

Does it surprise you that someone would kill a person for such a small payment? #murderforhire #murderplot

Source: WJON AM 1240/FM 95.3, KNSI AM1450/FM 99.3, KFGO The Mighty 790

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