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The Family

He’d experienced a year of failed attempts to remove him from the head of his successful business. Then someone murdered the owner and mob associate while he waited for his order in a fast-food drive-thru line.

The year before his death, he’d survived several violent attacks.

· Hit in the head with a gun.

· Stabbed multiple times.

· A slashed throat.

· Shot in the head, chest, and hand.

But then, someone put a tracking device on his vehicle, followed him to the fast-food place and fatally shot him.

A gunman also opened fire on the youngest son when he exited his home. He fled and survived—later testifying against his brother.

A retired Chief of Detectives associated with the case said,

“It’s a unique case in the fact that it overtly looks like a mob related case, and it wasn’t.”

Investigators found that his oldest son wanted to do more than manage his father’s real estate business, collect rent on rental properties, and run a maintenance business he co-owned with his brother. He’d hired a gang of hitmen to murder his father and brother.

After six weeks of testimony and evidence, a jury found the son and his co-conspirator guilty of murder-for-hire, conspiracy to commit murder, and firearms offenses. A judge sentenced the victim’s oldest son to life in prison, plus 71 years for his father’s age at the time of his death and 41 more years for his younger brother’s age at the time he’d been left to die after being attacked.

Four other men pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire conspiracy and murder-for-hire. A judge sentenced them each to between 16-20 years in prison. #murderforhire

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, The New York Times, ABC News – WABC TV

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