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Unknown Event

Unknown Event


This famous quote by Origen captures the essence of Unknown Event, “The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all.”

Mac MacKenna, retired USAF Pararescue expected students and staff to return to Blackstone Academy after spring break, relaxed and ready to ride out the end of the school year. He didn’t expect to find an honor student dead on the first day back to school.

After the police link another death to the academy, the police chief calls on Mac to assist in the investigation.

The school board thought Mac had taken care of the criminal activity at the school, but now, with a suspicious death on the campus, the parents demand answers from the school board members who demand answers from the interim superintendent who demands answers from Mac.

Who would murder presumably innocent children for no apparent reason? It’s up to Mac and the Brookfield PD to take down a killer before someone else dies.

Evil wears many faces.

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