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Unknown Revenge

Unknown Revenge


A small-town murder mystery.

“Beware the fury of a patient man.” -John Dryden

There’s a killer in Brookfield, California. A methodical, organized killer.

The peaceful town of Brookfield is on high-alert after a young boy finds his grandfather, a retired law enforcement officer, fatally shot. Bad news travels fast. Panic spreads as the community learns a killer is hiding in the forest surrounding Perla Lake.

As fear grips the community, USAF Veteran Mac MacKenna and his good friend, ex-FBI agent, Nico Stark join forces with the Brookfield Police Department. While they race to find a connection between the victims, Mac’s sister, Maggie vanishes. Desperate to save her and fearing he might be the key to the killer’s twisted motives, Mac, with the help of Nico, dives headfirst into the heart-pounding quest to find his sister—alive.

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