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Link to Unknown ThreatFour important questions authors should be able to answer:

Why did they write the book?

What inspired them?

Who did they write the book for?

Why do they want people to read the book?


Here are my why, what, who, and why answers for Unknown Threat…

WHY did I write Unknown Threat? To bring attention to the criminal activity happening in schools.

WHAT inspired me? First-hand experience working at schools where crimes occurred.

WHO did I write Unknown Threat for? Anyone who enjoys a good mystery/thriller novel.

WHY do I want people to read Unknown Threat?  To enjoy an entertaining glimpse of how schools can win the war against school crime and school violence (most of the time).

In a perfect world, state and federal government would subsidize schools to employ security personnel and bus monitors!


* I’ve had the pleasure to work with many outstanding teachers and school staff. I’ve met many awesome parents and watched amazing children grow and succeed. Nothing I write is in any way meant to cast doubt that public schools provide a quality education. I write about the 1% of students, parents, and staff who have ill intent.









Disclaimer:  All data and information provided on this site is for information and research purposes only and not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual. Criminal cases may have been appealed or verdicts overturned since a case was researched.  All information is provided on an as-is basis. The opinions expressed by individuals providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Robin Lyons.


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  1. Robin, you asked if anyone had experienced anything like the principal at the Christian school who stole them blind. The district I came from had its share of people just like that felon. They worked in positions that enabled them to steal (bookkeeper, principal, etc.) In the school where I worked (my alma mater), the principal came out of retirement from Texas to take that position in our school. Teachers in classes like science, home econ, phys ed, etc that relied on school funds to help run their programs, all of a sudden were told, ‘no money in the kitty’. When the authorities caught up with the culprit (principal), they suspended him with pay. At the end of the second semester, they brought him back to finish out the year before sending him back to from wherever he crawled out. Unbelievable. I walked out of school in protest that day. Of course I returned the following day. I even met w/the principle who summoned me when he heard via some grapevine I tried to organize a walkout (not true). He denied any wrongdoing claiming he’d been framed. When I asked him who’d want to frame him, he stammered for an explanation but remained mute. Despicable. I’m convinced somebody in our district put a bug in that creep’s ear urging him to apply for a job because it was so easy to steal and get away with it. Happened throughout the district over and over. No consequences for The Good Old Boys. But a female bookkeeper did take the fall. Still makes me livid when I think of that man.

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Trish. Sadly, your example is a common occurrence. At least some of the criminals are caught and prosecuted. There is so much going wrong in schools, it overshadows all the great things taking place.

  2. Just read the post about stalking via Instagram. Another great example of abuse. Thank goodness the girl reported him. And that someone listened. Keep those stories coming. You never know who may read one and the it opens their eyes. You’re providing a service to the public by increasing awareness, providing actual examples, and putting parents, kids, and other personnel on alert. Thank you for all the work that goes into these posts.

    • Robin Lyons

      I too was pleased the young lady in this case did the right thing. Sadly, so many are afraid they won’t be believed. Thank you for reading and for your comment.

  3. Jeri Hartman

    Hi Robin, I love your new book, Unknown Threat. It was very suspenseful and kept me interested the whole time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a great mystery. Jeri Hartman

  4. This girl isn’t the first to commit suicide because of bullying and unfortunately won’t be the last. When will the schools put a stop to it? They have to be informed before they can address it. I can’t imagine the abuse went unnoticed by anyone, teachers or students. Yet, no one intervened? I know it’s been going on since humans inhabited the earth. And of course, it occurs in the animal kingdom as well. We’re supposed to be above that. But we aren’t. How many kids grow up with parents who bully, abuse, mistreat them? How many kids see their own parents bully others? How many siblings bully their younger sibs? And what about teachers who bully students? Bosses bullying employees. Police bullying citizens. And the beat goes on. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What happened to the humane part of being human?

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you for your comment, Trish. Sadly, the beat does go on. How we treat each other has taken a serious wrong turn. It’s hard for children who are victims of bullying to understand the reason a bully bullies is because they have low self-esteem and are emotionally fragile.

  5. Robin, how long ago did the 7th grader kill his teacher? It was practically unheard of in our day. Now, it’s just another story in the news about an angry kid crossing the line. There’s something wrong with that last statement, like the fact it happens so frequently, the shock wears off almost as soon as we finish hearing/reading it. Kids nowadays have developed no coping skills to deal with anger. They act rashly and end up taking lives and ruining theirs and their family’s. I’ve seen the anger in my own grandchildren. For whatever reason, they get mad and have a meltdown. They have loving parents working with them on managing those bad feelings. But what about the kids who don’t? There has to be an outlet or that anger festers and builds until it explodes into a violent reaction. How to stop it before it happens is the big question.

  6. Just finished reading your newsletter on the teacher who abused his position and students with lewd behavior and sick classroom ‘tests’ to satisfy his own sexual fantasies. Unbelievable that it took 32 years for anyone to believe the kids and finally send his ass to prison. The principal(s) should also be punished with more than a slap on the hand for helping to perpetuate the abuse by choosing to ignore and refusing to believe the reports. Parents have to be wary when turning over their precious children to educators who may have anything but education on their agenda. Thank you for opening our eyes to these sexual deviants that slither through the background checks like the snakes that they are without raising a red flag.

    • Robin Lyons

      I agree! Well said, Trish. Thank you for reading my posts. Luckily, it’s a small percentage of school staff who should never have been allowed into the school in the first place. Those few take away from all the great stuff going on in schools.

  7. Hi Robin. Took me long enough to get here. Well, I had visited it before but not since we’ve connected so strongly. Your blogs are phenomenal, pertinent to today’s schools, as well as your forthcoming book. What a smart way to lead into its debut. I’m waiting with bated breath for the release date. I’ll be the first to purchase it. Well, I’ll try to get there in time (lol). I’m thrilled we’ve developed a friendship and hope it lasts a lifetime. You’re an incredible person. I’m honored as well as blessed to have met you. Love, Trish

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you so much, Trish! I appreciate your kind words and newly formed friendship. Your support is so kind, but you may have a challenge to beat my sister and kids to that first copy. 😉 Love back to you, girlfriend!

  8. Gwendolyn Miller

    Just found your web/blog and am solo excited. I’m a lucky lady to have known you all your life and constantly learn new things about you.
    Can’t wait for all the wonder ahead in your life.
    Let the books keep coming. Love you forever.

  9. Jeri Hartman

    Robin, I am so excited about your blog. You are so creative and I look forward to seeing more. Your friend, Jeri

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you Jeri! And thanks for checking it out. I’m having fun with everything there is to learn about writing fiction, and the blog is a part of it.

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