Welcome! Remember when you were in school? A lot has changed. Skirts are shorter, pants saggier, attitudes sassier, and that’s just the staff. At Blackstone Academy, fiction and real life meet in the halls. Everyone has something to hide, and some people will do whatever it takes to protect their secrets.

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Available December 2016

3D Unknown Threat










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10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Robin. Took me long enough to get here. Well, I had visited it before but not since we’ve connected so strongly. Your blogs are phenomenal, pertinent to today’s schools, as well as your forthcoming book. What a smart way to lead into its debut. I’m waiting with bated breath for the release date. I’ll be the first to purchase it. Well, I’ll try to get there in time (lol). I’m thrilled we’ve developed a friendship and hope it lasts a lifetime. You’re an incredible person. I’m honored as well as blessed to have met you. Love, Trish

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you so much, Trish! I appreciate your kind words and newly formed friendship. Your support is so kind, but you may have a challenge to beat my sister and kids to that first copy. 😉 Love back to you, girlfriend!

  2. Gwendolyn Miller

    Just found your web/blog and am solo excited. I’m a lucky lady to have known you all your life and constantly learn new things about you.
    Can’t wait for all the wonder ahead in your life.
    Let the books keep coming. Love you forever.

  3. Jeri Hartman

    Robin, I am so excited about your blog. You are so creative and I look forward to seeing more. Your friend, Jeri

    • Robin Lyons

      Thank you Jeri! And thanks for checking it out. I’m having fun with everything there is to learn about writing fiction, and the blog is a part of it.

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