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Brazen Bank Robbery

What does one wear to a bank robbery? Frayed jeans with an insignia, a hat with a skull on it, light gray shoes with white soles, sunglasses, and a large black watch with a white border. And what does one take to a bank robbery? A black logo-specific gym bag and a magazine hiding a demand note.

The demand note read,

“Give me all your money or I’ll kill everyone in here.”

The teller complied. He left with less than $6,000 and two GPS tracking devices sandwiched in the money.

Law enforcement followed the signals from the tracking devices to a home and began surveillance. They observed a dozen people living in the home, but only one flashing money and wearing the same sneakers and a watch that the robber had worn.

Upon executing a warrant, officers found one of the bank’s GPS tracking devices in the storm drain in front of the home, identical clothes worn by the bank robber in the washing machine, and a matching logo-specific gym bag. One resident in the home confirmed whose gym bag it was.

DNA on the gym bag matched the suspect. Handwriting analysis matched his writing on the demand note. They found his fingerprints were on the magazine concealing the demand note which he’d left at the bank.

A federal judge sentenced him to eight years in prison, three years of supervised release, and pay the amount of money stolen in restitution. #truecrime #bankrobbery

The judge detailed the man’s criminal history of eighteen prior convictions, seven with gun crimes, and then he explained his maximum sentencing,

“The bottom line is, sometimes judges need to take a step back and ask themselves what is in the best interest of the community to protect the people.”

Source: USA District Court, USA Department of Justice

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