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I Want Him Gone

Rent-a-Hitman strikes again! Another woman fell for the parody website that claims to connect people with a hitman. If you look closely at the website, it should be obvious it isn’t a real hitman service. With shorter attention spans, perhaps people don’t see the details.


On the website, there’s a service form to complete when requesting a hitman. If the person answers yes to both of the following questions, the website creator refers the contact information to the jurisdictional law enforcement agency.

1.    Does the person still require hitman services?

2.    Does the person want to meet a field operative?


In this specific true crime, the 52-year-old woman said about her ex-husband, “I want him gone.”


She met with the undercover officer whom she thought was a hitman in a parking lot and agreed to pay him $5,000. She provided her ex-husband’s home and work addresses, and his work schedule. Because the ‘hitman’ would need to travel out-of-state, she also gave him $200 for travel expenses. Once she paid the officer, he arrested her.


For months after her arrest, she pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder and illegal use of a computer to facilitate a crime. She then spent over 500 days in jail awaiting sentencing.


At the sentencing, the judge said,


“If the intent wasn’t so serious here, this would almost be comical, but it’s not.”


He sentenced her to 7-to-20 years in prison with credit for time already served.


Source: Michigan State Patrol, Oxygen Ture Crime, The Monroe News, Law & Crime


All data and information provided is for information and research purposes only and not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual. Criminal cases may have been appealed or verdicts overturned since I researched the case. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

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