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Bullied Teen Snaps

The three students in this true-crime case attended a wildlife conservation school. Students were nudged toward careers in science. On paper the school had lofty goals and vision. After the fatal confrontation between students the doors permanently closed a year later.

The press reported that the 18-year-old senior had endured bullying since the sixth grade when he had long hair. And that the school board denied his mother’s first, second, and third request to transfer to another school.

In the investigation report, all of the school staff interviewed seemed to have the same lack of knowledge that the senior had been bullied. After the incident, the assailant told a psychiatrist that he’d reported the bullying multiple times. And that he didn’t think he needed to report the incidents when staff witnessed the bullying.

Earlier on his last day in high school, when the 18-year-old packed his backpack he included a switchblade because he feared for his safety. He’d been bringing the knife with him for some time.

Thirty-two minutes after the history class began an argument turned to violence. He’d attempted to leave the rowdy, loud class when he felt things being thrown at him. He stopped near the door and later admitted, he snapped. A fifteen year old challenged the 18-year-old who stabbed the younger boy in his chest. The younger boy’s friend went toward the older boy to defend his friend—he too received multiple stab wounds.

After the stabbing, the assailant went to the principals offices to wait for the police. The younger boy didn’t survive his wounds. His friend survived. At trial, the judge found him guilty of first-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

The judge sentenced the 18-year-old to 14 years for manslaughter and eight years for assault, the sentences will be served concurrently. After his release, he’ll serve five years of probation.

The Chief of Detectives said,

“No question, the weapon would have been picked up by a metal detector.”

Hours after the stabbing, local police installed metal detection equipment at the school.

At the trial, the District Attorney said,

“The incident has forever traumatized the young students and school faculty who watched in horror the violence that unfolded that morning.”

Worth mentioning: Both the murder victim’s family and the bully-victim’s family filed civil lawsuits against the school system. Both families felt the school did little to stop bullying.

Also worth mentioning: At the end of the school year, in which the stabbing occurred, the school closed its doors for good. During that troubling year, the school struggled with low performance, and they released the principal.

Here are some great bullying resources for parents: and Bullying Guide from #bullying #schoolviolence

Be sure to email me if you hear of a true-crime you think would be good in a book. I’ll research it, share it and possibly use it in one of my novels.

And if you are an author interested in true-crimes as inspiration for a plot, email me. I’m happy to share more information about this case.

Source: Bronx County District Attorney, abc7NY, CBS WLN

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