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Can't Stay Away

A 21-year-old man working as an unarmed special police officer lived in a home with a grandmother (not his relative), a mother and her 11-year-old daughter. He couldn’t contain his attraction to the young girl. He also couldn’t keep his hands off her. After three incidents where he touched her buttocks, beasts, and genital area, the girl told her mother.

The mother filed an order of protection, ordering the man to stay away from the family.

One afternoon, because he couldn’t stay away, he kidnapped the girl and drove her to an abandoned house. Security cameras recorded him parking, crouching to hide, grabbing the girl and shoving her into the backseat of his car where he handcuffed her.

If you’ve watched true crime tv or been reading my shared true crime cases for a while, you can imagine what he did to the young girl at the abandoned house—I won’t go into detail.

What doesn’t align with most child kidnapping cases is that on the same day he snatched her, he took the girl back to where he’d picked her up. Security cameras recorded this as well.

Later, when the authorities arrested him, he confessed to what he’d done. #kidnap #sexualassault

Rather than go to trial, he accepted a plea agreement. A judge sentenced the (then) 24-year-old man to 32 years in prison for kidnapping, sexual assault of a child, and violating a court issued protection order. In addition, the judge order him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. When they release him from prison, he’ll be 56.

Source: United States District Court, USA Department of Justice

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