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Canceled Wedding

Anyone who has been married knows how stressful the days leading up to the wedding can be. The wedding planners are fine tuning their plans, making sure everything will go off without any glitches much like preparing a marching band for a parade. And leading the band are the bride and groom to-be.

In this true crime, the groom to-be made one terrible decision that resulted in a canceled wedding. He was short on cash and needed money for the wedding ring and the wedding venue. The 36-year-old former EMS employee decided robbing a bank would solve his financial troubles.

The day before the wedding, while the bride-to-be scrolled through a social media site, she saw that the local authorities had posted photos of a man wanted for bank robbery. She recognized the man as her fiancé.

The fiancée, a local paramedic, called her husband-to-be and told him the authorities say he robbed a bank about 30-minutes from where they lived. She told him to turn himself in, so he did.

After his arrest, he confessed to what he’d done. He’d told the bank teller he had a gun and that he was getting married the next day and he needed money for the wedding ring and wedding venue.

His confession included the location of the remaining money, the clothes he’d worn during the robbery, and the gun he’d concealed.

A county judge sentenced the groom-to-be to seven years in the state prison. A District Attorney associated with the case said,

“The motives of a crime do not necessarily lead to acquittal.”

He went on the say,

“The sentence shows that no matter what your situation or reasoning–you will suffer serious consequences for serious crimes in this county.”

Source: ABC News, NBC News, Messenger News, Daily Mail

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