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Corruption on the Interstate 12 Corridor

Reported to be known as the White Devil among drug traffickers, to everyone else he was a decorated U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent assigned to the Interstate 12 Corridor—to his family, he was a son, husband, and a father.

The prosecution provided evidence in the case to substantiate the charge that the special agent had falsified statements on official paperwork to get a truck that a drug dealer purchased for him. He routinely violated DEA policy regarding his handling of a drug dealer, who was not a formal, confidential informant.

During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence to show the defendant tried to convince two criminals to commit perjury about their relationships with the drug dealer.

A disturbing claim disclosed in court had been the charge that the ex-agent mishandled and removed evidence from DEA possession to not get caught. And that he had solicited money from drug dealers.

The notice of extrinsic evidence included testimony that the defendant and cohorts attempted to dispose of incriminating evidence in their possession.

A federal jury found the ex-special agent guilty of:

· 2-counts of Falsification of Government Records

· 3-counts of Obstruction of Justice

· 2-counts of Perjury

A federal judge sentenced the former federal agent to almost 14 years in a federal prison where there is no early release.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney involved in the case said,

“[the defendant] proved himself to be a brazen criminal who hid himself behind the badge.”

Worth sharing: Other members of the corruption crew have either pleaded guilty in hopes of a lesser sentence or went to trial, found guilty and now serve prison sentences. #truecrime #corruption

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Source: U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. District Court,

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