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Down the Drain

Typically, when people use the restroom at their workplace, they do so without considering a hidden camera may be spying on them. With the techno world we live in, perhaps we should all look high and low before doing anything in the restroom.

When someone first discovered the hidden camera in the floor drain in a women’s restroom at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection building, the supervisor explained he placed it there to monitor a female co-worker for drug use.

The SD card from the camera held over 150 videos and images of female co-workers in various stages of undress. Also on the SD card was a video of the supervisor placing the camera in the drain. Date stamps showed the camera had been in the drain for over one year.

Prior to law enforcement searching his home, the former supervisor destroyed or discarded the hard drive from his computer.

FBI agents arrested the man without issue and charged him with Video Voyeurism and False Statements. A few months later, he pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement and seven counts of video voyeurism.

At the sentencing, a U.S. Attorney said,

“When [the defendant] put a video camera down the drain in the women’s restroom, he also put his career, his honor and his freedom down that drain.”

A U.S. District Judge sentenced him to 21 months in federal prison.

Be sure to email me if you hear of a true-crime you think would be good in a book. I’ll research it, share it and possibly use it in one of my novels.

And if you are an author interested in true-crimes as inspiration for a plot, email me. I’m happy to share more information about this case.

Source: FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, Courthouse News Service

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25. Sept. 2021

Glad they caught the creep.

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