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He Was a Child

Perhaps the 24-year-old woman in this true crime was too young to be a mental health counselor for young boys.


She was a licensed social worker with no experience when hired. When the mother of a 13-year-old boy under her care saw text messages and videos that the social worker had sent to her son, she called the authorities. She also called the County Youth Advocate Program to file a complaint.


The county program fired her after her arrest. She made a bad situation worse by contacting the boy’s mother and threatening her. She even went to their home with a gun, trying to intimidate the mother to back off.


Through a forensic evaluation of the boy’s phone—the authorities found recorded videos of the social worker and the 13-year-old engaging in sexual conduct.


In an oddly ironic twist, the social worker’s fiancé and father of her infant son had previously served over four years in prison (before they met) for child endangerment—a pleaded lesser charge from the original charges of rape and sexually battery and unlawful sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl.


Rather than go to trial, the young woman pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct of a minor, intimidating crime victim/witness, discharging a firearm into a home (the victim’s), and inducing panic—all felonies. A judge sentenced the young woman to over four years in prison with credit for time served.


The judge also sentenced her to register as a sex offender every six months for 25 years.


At the sentencing, the judge said,


“He was a child, trying to get the help he needed.”

What are your thoughts on why some people can’t control their inappropriate urges? 


Source: County Court, Columbus Police, County Sheriff Department, Law & Crime, New York Post, The Columbus Dispatch

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