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Murdered Bride

After the police found a new bride, murdered—still in her wedding dress and her husband couldn’t be located, he went to the top of the suspect list. Time of death was estimated to be a few hours after the wedding ceremony.

Her sister had alerted local police that she’d failed to pick up her children. They had one child between them and she had one child from her previous relationship. The couple had dated for two years prior to marrying. When the police responded to the call, they found her at her home.

It’s not a case of the bride being affluent and the fiancé wanted her money. He appeared to be the one with money. He drove a $120,000 Maserati—although the investigators were unable to determine his place of employment and found no record of income. What they did find were previous arrests for domestic violence not involving his murdered bride.

Investigators believe the motive to be her not keeping the secret marriage ceremony a secret—she’d told her father.

He’s still on the run. The authorities presume he ditched the car long ago, but still want to find it. In 2019, the FBI added the groom to their Most Wanted list and is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. After his bride was found deceased his cell phone signaled usage in Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas.

The wanted groom is facing first-degree murder charges and is the 522nd addition to the FBI Most Wanted list since the list began in 1950. Take a look at his wanted poster—you never know when you may know something. Wanted #522

Source: FBI, ABC News, CBS News, Chicago Tribune

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