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Superintendent Kickbacks

At the time of his corruption case, he was the school Superintendent at the fourth largest school district in state with kindergarten through 12th grade.

The superintendent authorized excess money from the district’s health insurance coverage and worker’s compensation be paid to the former insurance broker for the school district then he turned around and passed money back to the superintendent as bribes. The bribery and kickback scheme in which the superintendent accepted millions of dollars and benefits ran for eight years.

How was he able to steal so much money from the school district without being caught for eight years? He had help. Once caught, the superintendent pleaded guilty to bribery and tax evasion. The insurance broker pleaded guilty to the same charges.

The investigation also revealed, school district’s former supervisor of Athletics and Special Projects played a part as well.

The court determined the loss to the school district was over 4 million dollars and ordered the superintendent and the insurance broker to repay the school district the full amount. The judge also ordered the supervisor of Athletics and Special Projects to repay a portion.

A judge sentenced the ex-superintendent and the insurance broker to over eleven years in prison and the supervisor of Athletics and Special Projects to three years.

A board member stated, “It was a complete betrayal of the public’s trust for his own self-profit.”

Worth Mentioning: The attorney for the ex-superintendent, on behalf of his client, asked the Teachers’ Pension & Annuity Fund Board to consider a reduction to his hefty pension rather than a complete revocation based on 30+ years of exemplary service before he committed his crimes. The Teachers’ Pension & Annuity Fund Board deliberated in closed session and then imposed the maximum penalty. A refund of only the funds he contributed to the retirement system was refunded.

Source: FBI, Asbury Park Press

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