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The Worse Is Yet to Come

His employer terminated his high school teaching position long before the authorities knew about the crime which sent him to federal prison. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “The worse is yet to come,” if not, this case is a good example.

Local authorities arrested him for abusing his girlfriend and that was enough for the school district to let him go.

A year or so later, the authorities received complaints he’d mounted a police light, siren, and police-style antennas on his car along with a law enforcement license plate. Then he used his car to impersonate a police officer, to intimidate motorists, citizens, and attempt traffic stops.

During the investigation into the complaint, the police seized the ex-teacher’s car. Investigators found all the attachments to his vehicle mentioned in the complaints, plus a police-style speed measurement device and a thumb drive in the trunk.

If the ex-teacher felt his troubles were bad, trouble with a capital T was on the thumb drive. The thumb drive contained over 2,000 images and videos of child pornography involving very young children (imagine the worst).

After finding the thumb drive contents and later more pornography on his home computer. A bench trial judge found him guilty of possessing images and videos depicting sexual abuse of children. A judge sentenced him to seven years in federal prison, and after parole, 15-years of supervised release and he’ll be on a sex offender registry. I was unable to find a specific sentence for impersonating an officer.

Source: USA Department of Justice, U.S. District Court, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, News-Press, FOX 4

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