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Family Affair

A divorced couple’s bitter battle over custody led to the father’s murder. The mother’s boyfriend lured the father to a location by pretending he needed stonework. The father fled and reported the incident to the authorities.

After the failed attempt to murder the father, the ex-wife and her boyfriend regrouped to plot a new plan. They decided on an alternative plan to ambush the father while leaving a family counseling session with his three children.

The boyfriend of the mother executed his heartless killing in front of the minor children.

Because of this true-crime, a grand jury indicted six family members. The mother for initiating the murder plan, her mother and step-father for intimidating witnesses, the mother’s boyfriend for carrying out the murder, one of the boyfriend’s brothers for supplying the weapon, and another brother also for intimidating witnesses.

The court sentenced:

· The 37-year-old mother to 35 years in federal prison for interstate stalking that resulted in her ex-husband’s murder.

· The ex-wife’s 57-year-old mother received almost six years in federal prison for aiding and abetting and the intimidation of witnesses.

· The man’s brother provided the firearm used in the killing. He pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting a felon in possession of a firearm. The court sentenced him to over two years in federal prison, three years of probation upon his release, and to pay a $100 fine.

The other people pleaded guilty to their charges, except for the shooter, who will go to trial in 2022. I’ll follow this case and do an update when there is more information.

Be sure to email me if you hear of a true-crime you think would be good in a book. I’ll research it, share it and possibly use it in one of my novels.

And if you are an author interested in true-crimes as inspiration for a plot, email me. I’m happy to share more information about this case.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, Dayton Daily News

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1 Comment

Oct 16, 2021

That is so sad. Those kids are saddled with that for the rest of their lives.

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