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The People Hater

Relationships can change in a heartbeat—whether it be sickness, injury, or faithfulness—one day your mindset is until death do, we part, and the next day you want your partner dead.

She was a prominent animal rights attorney who turned her ranch into a nonprofit organization that provided animal therapy to seniors, veterans, and others. The ranch suffered financially, no longer in business, it was home to water buffalo, goats, pigs, horses, sheep, and cattle.

The husband allegedly learned that his wife had been having an affair, so he asked for a divorce. During the divorce preparation, she learned he’d become intimate with the couple’s 20-something au pair. The news didn’t sit well with the attorney. She began stalking them and behaved in a manner that she later admitted embarrassed her. Lashing out at the soon-to-be ex-husband, the children, and those around her.

At her lowest low, the 40-something woman approached a ranch hand and asked him to have the girlfriend killed for her. He went straight to the authorities and later recorded the conversations with his employer. The local authorities investigated the allegations for six-months prior to the arrest. At one point, the employee asked if she wanted the husband also killed and she reportedly said,

“I’m inclined to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.”

Reaching an agreement with the prosecution, she pleaded guilty to several felony and misdemeanor charges and by doing so, the district attorney dropped most of the charges.

At her sentencing, she asked for leniency because she struggle with autoimmune conditions along with mental health problems and her medication altered her state of mind. Prior to the judge sentencing her to ten years in prison, he said,

“I believe you continue to pose a risk to the community and to those victims, mostly because you’re blaming others, anything and anyone, rather than taking responsibility for your actions.” #murderplot #solicitationofmurder

Source: Law & Crime, Oxygen True Crime, CBS4, heavy.

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